Nancy Brown-ParkFor more than 90 years, the American Legion Auxiliary has been working hard to improve the lives of veterans and their families. You know the work we do is important, or you wouldn't have joined. Now is time for our organization to make others aware of the work we do -- so veterans and their families know who they can turn to in need, so organizations want to sponsor and fund our efforts, and so new members will want to join our organization.

Sharing the stories and results of the work we do is critical. You completing this annual department impact report is the important first step. With every single department reporting their annual impact numbers, the collective result of our efforts will no doubt be impressive. We have made the impact report form very easy to use this year, so trust's simple and won't take a lot of time.

This must be the year that we receive Impact reports from all 52 departments. I'm counting on you!

In the spirit of Service Not Self,


Nancy Brown-Park

2013-2014 National President

Click here to access the impact report form now.